Portrait by Leah Reich

Portrait by Leah Reich


I specialize in large scale system and framework design and have built design systems at multiple enterprise companies and startups. I love bringing consumer grade UX to business tools and products that tread new territory or reimagine tired and inadequate norms.

I prefer working at both the micro and macro level within a company—balancing short term tactical work with long term highly strategic exploration and vision definition, while contributing to various horizontal systems across the company. I'm flexible and can work lean and iteratively to meet an aggressive deadline, or run long term strategic design efforts through workshops and iterative phases of the project life cycle.

Currently designing at Google via Adecco. Recently, I've helped service-based businesses with all of their time-based scheduling and billing at Square, helped explore the future of Amazon Web Services products, and helped businesses make and grow meaningful relationships as a product designer on the Measurement team at Facebook. Before that, I helped discover and define the connected car experience at Automatic, helped make customer service beautifully simple at Zendesk, and helped make every meeting matter by leading product design at MeetingHero (rebranded as Worklife, acquired by Cisco 2016 and is now Cisco Spark Meeting Notes). Prior to that, I was a Product Designer at Salesforce, where I supported the Chatter, Sales, Support, Platform, and Systems teams—and helped make enterprise software social and human.

Please don't be a stranger. Connect with me on any of the sites by my photo, or contact me directly.

I combine a passionate, empathetic, and curious point of view with a solid work ethic that is highly collaborative and iterative, to craft simple and delightful user experiences.

Outside of the office, you'll find me advising and consulting startups and companies on design thinking, product strategy, and discipline in process and decision making.

If I'm not working, I'm probably learning new design-nerdy things, cooking, playing music, or exploring California with my lovely wife and daughters.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
— Albert Einstein