Digital Product Design Leader in San Francisco

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

I love talking shop, and am always down to chat about projects, tech, design, mentorship, advising, and more.


Here's a little info to jumpstart the conversation…


  • Consulting & Advising
    On any, or all, of the above plus design org design, integrating design into culture and process, design and team processes, decision making and more
  • Digital Product Design
    End-to-end: branding, product strategy, business strategy, UX architecture, UX, UI, design systems, marketing, go-to-market strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX) 
    UX architecture, UX design, user research, wireframing, etc
  • User Interface & Interaction Design (UI/IxD) 
    Visual design, interaction design, animation, illustration
  • Branding
    Logo design, theme development (branding & identity)



I'm accepting projects that fit with the following availability:

  • January: booked
  • February: booked
  • March: booked
  • April: booked
  • May: booked
  • June: booked
  • July: booked
  • August: booked
  • September: partially available
    • open cycles: consulting
    • October: available
      • open cycles: advising/consulting/mentoring
      • November: available
        • open cycles: advising/consulting/mentoring
        • December: available
          • open cycles: advising/consulting/mentoring



        I typically charge by the project (its better for all parties involved).

        • Product Design/UX projects start at $25,000
        • Visual Design/Marketing projects start at $8,000

        I know some projects and relationships require hourly or other compensation strategies. My typical hourly rates… 

        • project work: $200–500/hr depending on project needs
        • consulting: $250–500+/hr depending on client needs
        • advising: mix of hourly and equity



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