Digital Product Design Leader in San Francisco



Design Consultant, Advisor, and Mentor


Dec 2001–Present

Clients: Google, Automatic, MeetingHero, Prosperworks, Zapier, Varo, and more

Design: I execute at every stage of a project from problem identification and definition all the way through to high fidelity specs, implementation, shipping and follow up iterations. I specialize in leadership, product strategy, team/organization process, team building, design thinking, design sprints, design systems, software at scale and cross-device and cross-platform products and platforms.

Advising: I help early stage and growing startups with their product strategy, design culture, organizational structuring and process, hiring, and helping non-designers participate in product ideation and design process through design thinking and simple prototyping.

Principal Product Designer


Jun 2017–Sep 2017

Led design across desktop and iOS (mobile and tablet native apps) for Square Appointments, establishing user models, experience frameworks, and a design system specifically for the Appointments experience that complemented existing style guides.

Product Design Lead, Special Projects

Amazon Web Services

Jan 2017–Jun 2017

Worked directly with executives and senior staff to lead the design ideation and discovery of a new suite of consumer to enterprise applications and tools across desktop and native mobile (iOS and Android).

Product Designer


Feb 2015–Jan 2017

Product designer on Measurement, primarily focused on ads reporting, and supporting nearly all teams across Facebook on how to integrate into our measurement services and user experience.

  • Core Ads Reporting (Ads Manager and Power Editor)
  • Placements: redesigning the framework for ad placements across Facebook to better accommodate Facebook's rapidly scaling ad business, including accurate cross-platform placement and measurement (i.e. Instagram, Messenger, etc) and audience insights and overlap
  • Clarity Project: after working with data science to uncover a number of growing product confusions throughout Facebook's advertising and business products, I initiated and led product management and design for an extensive audit, cataloging and rewriting of all Facebook metrics; Stacey Gordon (content strategy), Jamie Jordan (PMM), Aeron Gleman (front end dev), and I led the design of an extensive in-product messaging framework, new design patterns and components for use across all ads products, and greatly improving the overall help and guidance experience through a tighter in-product help center integration, as well as discovering gaps in help center content that were covered, resulting in users getting highly relevant, timely help and guidance in the moment without leaving the context of their work.
  • Local awareness ads
  • Dynamic product ads
  • Date comparisons
  • Candela data visualization design system support and integration across Facebook products
  • Contributed to a number of systems efforts with the business design systems team (BIG)
  • Contributed to a desktop prototyping initiative to help establish better tools for desktop design and prototyping within Facebook design, including planning and teaching classes.
  • Worked with our internal data tools team to consolidate many proprietary internal data query, analysis and reporting tools into a single, holistic product and platform

Product design on LiveRail (publisher solutions) and Atlas (agency solutions).

Director of Design

Automatic Labs

Jul 2014–Feb 2015

  • Creative direction, and digital product design and strategy, for iOS, Android and web products
  • Insurance Partner Program framework and product design
  • Core product vision strategy and redesign (iOS, Android) (
  • App platform, app integration to core experience, and app store
  • Marketing website creative direction and design
  • Branding and identity
  • Support of physical point of purchase displays in stores like Best Buy and Target

Senior Product Designer


Aug 2013–Aug 2014

Lead the holistic vision and strategy for the core Zendesk product, and the large scale clean-up and unification of our desktop web UI/UX patterns under a newly defined pattern library, while contributing to special projects like Inbox by Zendesk. 

Lead team efforts including unification/consolidation of team tools, documentation best practices, file organization & naming best practices, and initiated and helped drive an inclusive design thinking process that is now the standard project process.

Notable Projects

  • Inbox by Zendesk
  • Pattern Library (UI pattern definition, unification and consolidation)
  • Agent Interface Clean Up
  • Multi-brand
  • Search (Global search, agent search, lookup and autosuggest)
  • Admin Vision
  • App Management
  • Profile Updates
  • Twitter Tickets
  • Zendesk App Framework Updates and various first party apps

Product Designer


Feb 2012–Aug 2013

Supported the Chatter, Sales, Support and Platform teams in an effort to make enterprise software more social and human. I worked closely with design, research and PM, and together we had a positive impact on multiple products, features, and platforms; including Chatter communities, topics system, influence & expertise system, and especially on the design and functionality of the Chatter feed & publisher.

Notable Projects

  • Chatter Feed Design and Vision
  • Multi-dimensional Publisher Design and Vision (Aloha Desktop & Salesforce1)
  • Salesforce1 Notifications System
  • Chatter Topics System & UI
  • Salesforce Global Reputation System & UI
  • Salesforce Chatter Influence & Expertise
  • Salesforce Real-Time Design and Vision
  • Salesforce Communities
  • Salesforce Login and OAuth UI
  • Integration
  • Record Feeds
  • Salesforce Files
  • Salesforce Notes (Aloha Desktop & Mobile)
  • Desktop Global Navigation

Product Design Lead


Jan 2012–Feb 2012

In my brief time I was able to contribute simple UI/UX improvements to the web product and helped lead the "I Hired" and "Got Jobs" campaigns; a hiring initiative by SmartRecruiters. All online marketing would be directed to this landing page featuring clients that proudly declare that, despite a rough economy, they have recently hired and encourage other business owners to join the initiative and spur job creation.

Senior Designer

Veterans United

Jun 2011–Dec 2011

Creative Direction of rebranding and their family of companies to the Veterans United brand, with Veterans United Home Loans as the flagship company and brand.

Lead and managed a small design team while taking on high level brand projects that included branding/identity/ establishing brand guidelines, numerous web design projects, app design, user interface design (UI), user experience (UX), online marketing, conversion optimization, landing page optimization and design with SEO goals in mind.

Mar 2007–Sep 2009

Print and web visual designer. Took design lead on most projects, with occasional art direction from owner Brent Robison. Handled large project volume at all times. Typical project included branding, web design, print design, and social marketing. During my employ, I tackled a variety of projects including trade show displays, PPC management, audio production, video production and much more.

Design Assistant

Whitaker Publishing

Dec 2005–Mar 2007

Print design, advertising design, marketing design, internal graphic design, website maintenance, IT and street team member.