Digital Product Design Leader in San Francisco

An new look for the connected car industry leader


The website needed a frontend and backend overhaul, and needed to contribute to Q4 sales for the 2014 holiday season. The team set out to first update the four primary pages of the site (Homepage, How It Works, Features and License+). The work on these four pages would being the venue for a bulk of the work to establish a firm foundation to then overhaul the rest of the site.

The foundation consisted of an updated visual design language and responsive design (led by myself); written language and content strategy (led by Cori Johnson); conversion strategy (led by Joon-Soo Kim), and frontend style guide and overhauled backend architecture and deployment process (led by Ruthie Bendor). 



Mobile First

The previous version of was desktop only. The redesign was mobile first from the ground up; including the first incarnation of a comprehensive digital marketing front end style guide, content-first architecture, and designed and built to the latest web standards at the time.


Side-by-side comparison of the mobile-first responsive design in action.


Modernized Desktop Web

The desktop version featured key enhancements including background video, interactive content, and optimized components.


Full Desktop Web Design



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